Day Camp Barn

The Barn is almost complete

The Barn is almost complete

The Barn is almost complete

Wood Paneling is getting finished

The Barn Ready for Siding

The first Siding going on

Interior Panelling

Sidewalks poured

The Porch


The Pavilion is almost done as well

Pavilion Frame work

The Day Camp Pavilion

Stonework on the Pavilion


The new addition to the Infirmary

Finishing up the new addition and remodel

The new Infirmary

Infirmary Expansion

Framing up the new addition


The New Archery Pavilion

Archery Netting

Archery Netting

Trading Post

Concept for Changes to the Trading Post

The Current Trading Post

Leadership Village

Concept Drawing for the New Leadership Village

Strengthening Communities

Through the Strengthening Communities Campaign, the YMCA of Greater Rochester is focused on capital projects that respond to the critical challenges faced by our community’s residents. Each of these projects contain key design elements that will allow for program development or expansion to help our neighbors overcome the health and wellness challenges they may face – regardless of where they live.